About Us


Yes, we are real down-to-earth engineers and developers starting up from our living room and bed room, instead of garage (too hot in summer in Houston, TX).

After 4 years’ blood, sweat and tears, we are extremely happy about the arrival of our brainchild WinPIPE, a new generation of pipe flexibility analysis program. Packed with powerful functions, the program looks beautiful to us.

However, winpipe has been described as “undesirable and dangerous” on the Internet. It turns out that this so-called “winpipe” is a Windows startup program. And what we have is a Windows program for PIPE flexibility analysis, thus WinPIPE in our case.

Based on recent feedback, we are now programming on free version, WinPIPE Demo, and also adding FRP code (ISO 14692 – 2002) to our program. While working very hard, we are limited in our resources. However, we do believe that we have ideas, skills and great talent to bring a high-quality and low-cost program to market, and to pass a tremendous saving to you, our customers. We do not have time to deal with side issues, like name confusion above. Instead, we will trust that real engineers be true judges of WinPIPE. Will real engineers please stand up?

Progress Report (May 30, 2017):

  • WinPIPE Demo: It is now available, and can be requested and sent by email
  • ISO 14692 – 2002: We are suspending activity on it since a potential customer is moving away

This is a testament how flexible our program is and how well-organized our code and data structures are. In other words, we are holding a key to technology for engineering software development. No longer graphics is only for show, it is used to build pipe-layout models; No longer Windows is just a wrapper, it is a foundation for pipe data structure; No longer a pipe component is a black box, all stress calculations are transparent. By harmoniously blending computer graphical and Windows technology with pipe stress analysis, we are blazing a trail for pipe stress engineers. Pipe stress analysis should not be a time-consuming and tedious practice, it could be a very efficient and enjoyable exercise, instead.